Show your solution to Raiffeisenbank


Striving for leadership

Raiffeisenbank aims to become a leader in the field of banking services, which requires constant search for innovative business solutions, and their further implementation.

Let’s test your most ambitious business hypotheses in a real banking environment together.

What are we looking for?

Solutions for digitalization, automation, and optimization of business processes

New products, services, business models and features for existing products

New segments, markets and channels

How do we work with startups?

Stage 1.

Creation of a business case by Raiffeisenbank and a startup

Stage 2.

Approval by top management and launch of a testing project

Stage 3.

Summarizing results and transition to production

What do we provide?


Refine your product with the support of experts from the bank


Conduct customer development with the Raiffeisenbank’s internal business customers


Gain access to API and our technologies


Get access to the server sandbox to quickly live test your solution


Cooperate with our partners


We cover all the pilot-project costs

What do you need for pilot with Raiffeisenbank?

Minimum Viable Product.You may not have the sales or cases, pilots in other banks or corporations. But the MVP has to be.

Competent team that is able to technically implement the solution with the bank.

Collaboration and co-creation skills.

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Start-up about the pilot in Raiffeisenbank

Great project! If mvp is available you can very quickly enter the pilot and verify compliance with customer requirements and system capabilities. A great support at the start is provided, including all approvals. At the end of the pilot, the customer gives a competent feedback and if everything is ok, you can count on a quick transition to production

Denis Kiselev, CEO Reason8

Feedback of a business customer

The Innovation Implementation Program at Raiffeisenbank allowed me, as a business customer, to quickly test our hypotheses with various start-ups and choose the most effective way to solve the problem. I am sure that there are very few companies that have implemented such a fast track.

Maria Komissarova, Head of Client Relationship Management and Analytics