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About Startup Lunch

Startup Lunch is created by Raiffeisenbank as a regular online meeting event, where a startup can present its business solution or a product and directly communicate with stakeholders in the bank.

Participants connect via Zoom for a slot selected for the presentation. Each slot is 15 minutes, during which the participant has to connect, pitch their product and answer the questions (5 min – product pitch, 10 min – Q&A).

When? - Every Tuesday at 11:00

How to participate?

Fill out the application form and specify in the "Additional comments" field: "I want to go to the Startup Lunch 'date'!". If you have already filled out an application, please contact us via email, specifying the date of the Startup Lunch and the name of your company. Within a week we will send you an email confirmation and instructions on how to connect.



How to connect

You can use both a computer and a mobile device. First of all, download the app from the official Zoom website.

If you have not used Zoom before, please perform all the necessary installations and checks before the meeting.

0. Download and install the Zoom app.

1. Register or Log in.

Remember to check that the data you entered is correct. Enter your first and last name, and, if possible, the company’s name. Otherwise, we may have difficulties determining the type of your participation. Example: Andrey Andreev (Startup ABC)

2. Test your equipment beforehand.

One slot is approximately 25 minutes, during this time the participant should have time to connect, present the product and answer questions (10-15 minutes for the presentation, and 5-10 minutes for Q&A). The longer you connect, the less time you have for the presentation, which is why we ask you to test your equipment in advance. It is also recommended to check the settings of your camera and microphone (not only we will be glad to hear you but also to see you, while you present your project 😀)

3. Connect to the slot via special link 5 minutes before the arranged time. In the pop-up window, select the option "Open in the Zoom App".

4. Wait for the conference organizer to allow you to log in (it may take some time).

Please keep in mind that you have to stay in the waiting room until the previous speaker finishes the presentation. We will be sure to let you in as soon as the previous speaker has finished.

5. Turn on audio and video. Share your screen if you want to show a demo or presentation.